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Whether you are hiring me for agile coaching, project management, or another of my skill sets, the core service that I provide is the same. My aim is to ensure your success, and that requires a similar approach and level of care no matter the context in which I am working.

  1. I first seek to understand the problem or challenge you’re facing, and I’ll also want to learn a bit about your culture. Any recommendation made without taking your culture and priorities into account will fail, and I’m here to help you succeed.
  2. Next, I develop an approach with input and collaboration from you and/or your team(s). This will help me validate my recommendation and also increase buy-in from team members.
  3. With discipline and efficiency, I will execute on the work. I will also provide regular status updates and opportunities for feedback loops. If you want me to communicate or log work within your work management or chat systems, I’m happy to do that.
  4. Throughout the process, I will invite constructive feedback and criticism because I want to address any problems or concerns early before they cause delays or take us off track.

Visit one of my service pages to learn more about what this process looks like within that context.

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