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Agile Coaching

I frequently hear from C-level executives and directors that they wish their product and engineering teams took more ownership of their work, didn’t wait to be told what to do, and delivered more with the time that they have.

My agile coaching won’t work miracles, but I have helped teams double and triple their throughput in as few as 4 months by implementing agile practices or helping the team improve their practice.

This isn’t accomplished by cracking a whip, which tends to lead to lower quality code. Rather, it is done by adhering to the principles of the agile manifesto and helping the team(s) learn how to work better together. I will evaluate your value stream, find the bottlenecks, and resolve them so your existing team is blocked less and shipping more.

Whether you are using scrum, kanban, XP, or (like most) a hybrid of these, I can help your team ship higher quality code more frequently and with increased morale.

I can also help non-development teams, and help teams that need to better work together. Do you struggle to bring these various stakeholders to the table and get them all working hand-in-hand?

  • Product Management
  • Design (UX/UI)
  • Engineering/Development
  • Operations
  • QA
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Reach out to me and let’s have a chat about how I can help.