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Business Consulting

A lot of my consulting experience has been gained helping companies implement or improve their use of the Atlassian tool set. But what I found was that the technical implementation or configuration of the Atlassian tools was just a fraction of the work. On average, I would spend 8 hours asking questions, coaching, advising, and teaching people for every 1 hour of tool configuration.

Fred Brooks wrote in The Mythical Man Month that the majority of time lost at a company is at the interfaces between teams. If you’re scaling up your company, you’ll face similar communication challenges with every person added to a team often tripling the communication and training time needed.

The good news is that our system of communication can be improved. By “system,” I’m not referring to a new instant messaging app or scheduling fewer (or more!) meetings. Rather, the social and communication network of your company can be optimized to increase efficiency, positively impacting productivity and throughput.

My business consulting service focuses on business process analysis to understand how a team works internally, how the teams with which they interface work, and how to improve those interfaces.

Once these improvements are in place, they become self-perpetuating as part of your company culture. Are you interested in seeing lasting change to permanently increase employee productivity and teamwork? Contact me now.