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Project Management

I have helped project management offices at multinational firms and burgeoning startups. Whether you’re just getting started, your project is in-flight, or the program of work is off the rails and needs help being recovered, I can help.

I have worked with Atlassian, Aha!, Microsoft Project, Asana, and Smartsheet. I find that my knowledge generally translates to other systems, and if need be, I’ll learn your software on my time so I can help you on yours.

I have a masters of science in project management from Missouri State University and ten years of experience in project management. What’s more, I have made a career of building up project management leaders. I can help your organization achieve its goals both in the short- and long-term by bridging your current gaps and training your staff (or helping you recruit the right people) to carry your projects forward into the future.

Contact me to learn more about how I can help you find your way forward.