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Strategy and Culture Consulting

Strategy is all about where you are going.

Your vision and mission are why, and your tactics are how.

But as Simon Wardley discovered when he started digging into his company’s strategy, we’re often repeating memes that mean nothing. It’s no wonder, then, that only 14% of organizations report that their employees have a good understanding of their strategy.

Without a solid strategy, your team members won’t understand the direction they need to go and their work will be less efficient. They’ll need more micromanagement and produce worse results.

I can both help you develop a strategy if you lack one, and get your employees on-board and pushing the right direction. That’s where culture consulting comes in.

Culture is what motivates and propels your employees to work–it influences what they do and how they do it.

I will help you understand both your current culture and the best cultural characteristics to support your strategy, help your employees buy in to your vision, and if needed shift your culture to better align with your mission. This will improve employee productivity and retention and unleash the creativity of your teams so that your company can become even greater.

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